Belonging Network

Belonging Network
  • Client & Strategy: Affinity Bridge
  • Writer: Pete Pallett

Everything about Nancy was exactly right for the rebrand of the Adoptive Families Association of BC to the Belonging Network. Through a highly engaged process between Nancy, the client and our agency, the visual and verbal languages were carefully and strategically established. We already knew Nancy was a talented designer, but she is also patient, empathetic, thoughtful and collaborative. Renaming and rebranding was a significant endeavour for the client’s team and could not be rushed. As with the name, it was paramount that the new brand design capture the essence of what the new organization would become, and for it to be understood and embraced by its stakeholders and audiences alike.

Nancy worked with purpose and passion, and her inclusive approach invited everyone in on the journey to facilitate strategic alignment. Her lack of ego combined with astute decision-making on the path from sketch to finished product made for a relaxed and productive experience. We highly recommend Nancy and would welcome the opportunity to
work with her again.

— Lisa Eaton, Director of Operations

The Adoptive Families Association of BC required a new name, brand refresh and realignment to be inclusive and reflective of all types of people and families served. Working with Vancouver agency Affinity Bridge and writer Pete Pallett, we developed the name Belonging Network, a truly affirming brand name that truly identifies who they are, followed by a graphic visual language to reflect those same qualities.

The logo uses multiple circles as a metaphor for the relationship between individuals and community. It also visually affirms what we learned from stakeholder engagement, specifically, the need for their community to come together and belong. Together, they create a hub, the Belonging Network, where each person is needed and essential to the whole, but where support for families and youth can come in all sizes and types.

Capturing the design brief’s direction to be accessible, simple and modern, this wordmark centres belonging in a very approachable way. The position of “network” also works to emphasize the word “belong” in “belonging” and overall, a feeling of unity and reciprocity is created.

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