• Copywriting: Jeff Wasiluk & Nancy Wu

I knew Nancy was talented and thorough and calm, but had never worked with her. Then I hired her for a project. I felt lucky she was available. Then I felt smart for choosing her. Then I felt lucky again for the experience of collaborating with her. Our timeline was tight. The way Nancy shares makes it easy to move forward. And she nailed the design. You are suuuuper awesome to work with, Nancy.
— Jeff Wasiluk, Writer and Consultant

HERD is a new 100% text-based tool to prevent harassment in the workplace. It embodies a feeling of safety through banding together.

The logo design uses the letter D as an ear, reinforcing the idea of being listened to. It makes HER stand out prominently, as females are the initial target community. Having a logo that carries well on physical objects (stickers, posters, stencils, something with a badge-like quality) is empowering and safe, strong but not riotous, and would also carry well on social channels.