• Creative Direction: Matthew Clark & Roy White
  • Studio: Subplot Design
  • Recognition:

It is always such a pleasure to work with Nancy, especially at the concept stage of a project. You can always count on great ideas and an obsession with chasing down the perfect letterforms and details.
— Matthew Clark & Roy White, Founders & Creative Directors

LifeScan, one of the world’s leading blood glucose monitoring companies, partnered with Subplot Design to create a vibrant brand refresh. Alongside their design team I was tasked to explore human, approachable qualities for the rebrand, developing pages of script handlettering executed in various styles, and using a range of drawing implements—dip pens, marker, chisel pens & brush. Shortlisted versions reflecting the right distinct boldness, modern personality, and future-facing approach, were digitized with alternate characters or connecting links considered for each letterform. Following my design development work, the Subplot team carried on to complete the brand identity applications for the global launch.