Canadian Museums Association

Canadian Museums Association
  • Agency & Creative Direction: Edelman Canada

A message calling me a genius right after I sent my concept sketches was left on my voicemail. Just to let you know everyone internally is very excited by what you’ve done.
— Mike Shackle, Creative Director

The Canadian Museums Association represents government funded organizations, with a specialized audience of museum professionals dedicated to preserving and presenting Canada’s cultural heritage nationwide and abroad. My task was to develop visual concepts and rationale to modernize their aged, monolithic brand to be more approachable, inclusive and relevant to its stakeholders. The goal was to communicate the varied connections that CMA fosters through their partnerships, while remaining broad and politically sound as a federal, bilingual and non-public facing organization. Edelman completed the brand materials following my final contributions of digital design development and typography.

Lots of concepts explored on iPad for ease and efficiency!
Client shortlisted 3 directions to refine digitally. Final option is already here.
Alternate directions explored....
Originally proposed as a modular logo that can adapt into varied physical spaces.
Recommended double lines for simplicity of design.
Final client approved version