Typographic Perpetual Calendar

Typographic Perpetual Calendar
  • Recognition: Paperspecs.com
  • Client: Mitchell Digital
  • Contributors: Various type designers including Type Brigade team (Riley Cran, Kenneth Ormandy, Alanna Munro, Nancy Wu)
  • Special thanks to Neil Summerour & Ellmer Stefan
  • Production Partners: Spicers (paper specification) & Apak Systems (prototyping binding & structure)
  • Copywriting: Scott Gray, Nancy Wu

Nancy took to the challenge ferociously, marrying the love of type, paper and print. Part artwork, part passion and all design, our perpetual calendar exceeded our dreams and became a key showpiece to introduce the Mitchell DIGITAL brand to Vancouver’s design marketplace. Our goal was to pay respect to the great creative here in the Pacific Northwest and entice with possibilities that designers can get what they want and show that digital doesn’t have to look ‘digital’ anymore.
— Scott Gray, VP Sales and Marketing

Combining a passion for typography and print design made for the perfect team project. Building upon Mitchell Digital’s creative collaborations program, their platform asks “how can Design Teams leverage the mindfulness of design for the greater good?” In our case, we created a useful, prestige keepsake that wouldn’t feel disposable, nor date quickly. This perpetual desk calendar is as flexible and diverse as the typographic styles, paper surfaces and colour combinations used throughout, while demonstrating Mitchell’s digital capabilities and support partners. Using 14 unique papers, 66 distinctive fonts and 66 different digital colour print spec/paper pairings, it was quite the labour of love and attention to detail. An added bonus on the non-calendar sides, is an ever-changing “action motivator” to encourage an aspirational mindset to all.

The cover art—primarily seen once—hints at what lies inside: Typographic + Calendar + Art. This piece showcases lesser-known typeface designs (some custom, many from independent foundries—even I designed one) and the perpetual nature of the calendar where it can be read in a continuous path from left to right, front to back. This calendar is quite sought after (limited run of 600) but unavailable for purchase—a portion are given to clients as a thank you gift upon completion of projects while quantities last.

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