eGlass / Hovercam / Pathway

eGlass / Hovercam / Pathway
  • Client: Marc Stoiber Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction (concept dev stage): Lara Palmer

It was a pleasure working with you, Nancy. There’s definitely power in your approach, taking us from initial napkin sketches through to the final product. For entrepreneurial clients, it’s invaluable for gaining an understanding of how design begins as psychology, not as pretty colours and shapes. I was also very impressed at the way you evolved logos and graphics that already existed for one of our products, and made those work in harmony with the other product and corporate brand. The final logos and ID packages were, of course, fantastic—but anyone who checks your website will already know that. Thanks again for the work, and the patience to bring everyone along on the psychological explorations that led to that work.
— Marc Stoiber, Brand Strategist

Online education has become a necessity along with finding innovative ways to engage students virtually. eGLASS is a transparent whiteboard with a built-in camera, capturing both instructor and written notes in the same streaming video for classroom and online access. HOVERCAM document cameras project from tabletop to screen in real-time HD resolution and is already a best seller. Hovercam & eGlass are products by parent company, PATHWAY.

My task was to refresh these 3 brands as a cohesive family—maintaining flexibility for social media while prioritizing the flagship eGlass product for their marketing teams to implement. Many paths of conceptual exploration were pursued to build integrity and encourage breakthrough visual presence amongst competitors. In the end, a reluctance to deviate from the original frame logo meant the eGlass brand evolution was dialed back to align with a consistent typographic family to link up the brands. A robust style guide also provided a sound rationale to help their web design, social, PR and trade show teams adapt every brand touchpoint for a confident public launch.

PDF style guide demonstrating individual & family brand system, with an emphasis on digital environments.