Nch’kaỷ Development Corp

Nch’kaỷ Development Corp
  • Client: Strebly Design
  • Art Direction: Johnathon Strebly

Nch’kaỷ was established in 2018 as the economic development arm of the Squamish Nation. Its mandate is to develop, manage and own the active businesses of the Nation, and was created to allow for the separation of business and politics within the group. The name Nch’kaỷ was chosen as a reference to the Great Flood that forced Squamish Nation ancestors to tie their canoes to the highest mountain in the territory, Mount Garibaldi, in order to survive.

The logo design references aspirational mountain peaks/Garibaldi in both the icon and letterforms, community movement, an N letterform, cedar rope detailing and the positive outcomes of transformative development. Updates by Nch’kaỷ simplified the wordmark while retaining the original icon design and lockup.

Updated version on Nch’kaỷ website