West Coast LEAF

West Coast LEAF

Thank you for creating such a beautiful new logo and brand for us, Nancy! You really understood how to bring our values to life visually, and were able to turn our many criteria into something clear, simple, and impactful. We so appreciate you coming with us on this journey; your flexibility, curiosity, and camaraderie. You’ve been a true pleasure to work with!

— Catherine Hart, Manager of Fundraising
— Basya Laye, Director of Development & Engagement
— Iman Baobeid, Manager of Communications

West Coast LEAF works to make transformative, structural change through law reform, legal advocacy and community engagement, for all women and people who experience gender-based discrimination.

The stylized shapes represent the wholeness of their organization, and the diverse communities they advocate for. The subtle leaf-shape logo is about rebuilding the circle, while reflecting values of justice, accountability, safety & relationality. Quartered shapes point inwards and outwards, forward and upward, all at once. In the negative space, a butterfly dynamically emerges, suggesting a transformative impact. Multiple icons combine into a quilt-like pattern not based on a central hub, yet originating from the circle—a symbol of wholeness, unity, and inclusion.

Meaningful as a single unit, it is multifaceted as a collaborative system. The logo communicates many things: change, intersectionality, strength, community, transformation, cultural storytelling, movement, the inner spark within an individual voice, uniqueness, and the emergence of one's true nature.