Concept Development


LifeScan, one of the world’s leading blood glucose monitoring companies, partnered with Subplot Design to create a vibrant brand refresh. Alongside their design team I was tasked to explore human, approachable qualities for the rebrand, developing pages of script handlettering executed in various styles, and using a range of drawing implements—dip pens, marker, chisel pens & brush. Shortlisted versions reflecting the right distinct boldness, modern personality, and future-facing approach, were digitized with alternate characters or connecting links considered for each letterform.

Belonging Network

The Adoptive Families Association of BC required a new name, brand refresh and realignment to be inclusive and reflective of all types of people and families served. Working with Vancouver agency Affinity Bridge and writer Pete Pallett, we developed the name Belonging Network, a truly affirming brand name that truly identifies who they are, followed by a graphic visual language to reflect those same qualities.

Nch’kaỷ Development Corp

Nch’kaỷ was established in 2018 as the economic development arm of the Squamish Nation. Its mandate is to develop, manage and own the active businesses of the Nation, and was created to allow for the separation of business and politics within the group. The name Nch’kaỷ was chosen as a reference to the Great Flood that forced Squamish Nation ancestors to tie their canoes to the highest mountain in the territory, Mount Garibaldi, in order to survive.


LJRM is a team of dedicated and experienced experts helping SMBs to diversify, invest and grow promising businesses. Their vision is to create a legacy empowering their ventures to succeed, while making a meaningful difference in the community.


Domainsbot is an agile tech company working closely with businesses using deep data insights for the domain names market.

I designed a monogram that explains their ability to pivot, adapt & customize each client’s needs; their non-linear, continuous, and constant connection with data at the central core; and the expanded offerings they provide with a bigger, holistic view towards the future. A set of 25 branded icons were also designed for their Spring 2023 rebrand & website.


Sokana is a riverside community developed in the heart of Penticton. Surrounded by, and perfectly located within a rich blend of conveniences, nature wineries, and dining options, this South Okanagan development has it all.

CentralNic Reseller

CentralNic Reseller is a leading worldwide domain registrar that empowers customers to resell domain name related products and services.

Originally tasked to create a minimal evolution of the parent company, a brand revolution was employed for this public-facing brand, for a modern and confident visual identity refresh. Shifting from a rigid corporate look and color palette, CentralNic Reseller focused on real-world networking, further enhanced by an online brand presence that was more personal, user-friendly and relatable.

West Coast LEAF

West Coast LEAF works to make transformative, structural change through law reform, legal advocacy and community engagement, for all women and people who experience gender-based discrimination.

CornerPiece Creative

CornerPiece Creative is the creative storytelling venture from independent filmmaker, Nicky Forsman. The brand design is Inspired by her personal philosophy of how "it’s the not the missing pieces that complete one’s life, it's the key piece that initiates it." Using the bracket framing device of filmmaking and photography, the main graphic element is both the descriptive name of her company and a heart, which is at the core of her films (stories with heart and the feels).


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