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Belonging Network

The Adoptive Families Association of BC required a new name, brand refresh and realignment to be inclusive and reflective of all types of people and families served. Working with Vancouver agency Affinity Bridge and writer Pete Pallett, we developed the name Belonging Network, a truly affirming brand name that truly identifies who they are, followed by a graphic visual language to reflect those same qualities.


LJRM is a team of dedicated and experienced experts helping SMBs to diversify, invest and grow promising businesses. Their vision is to create a legacy empowering their ventures to succeed, while making a meaningful difference in the community.


Domainsbot is an agile tech company working closely with businesses using deep data insights for the domain names market.

I designed a monogram that explains their ability to pivot, adapt & customize each client’s needs; their non-linear, continuous, and constant connection with data at the central core; and the expanded offerings they provide with a bigger, holistic view towards the future. A set of 25 branded icons were also designed for their Spring 2023 rebrand & website.


Sokana is a riverside community developed in the heart of Penticton. Surrounded by, and perfectly located within a rich blend of conveniences, nature wineries, and dining options, this South Okanagan development has it all.

CentralNic Reseller

CentralNic Reseller is a leading worldwide domain registrar that empowers customers to resell domain name related products and services.

Originally tasked to create a minimal evolution of the parent company, a brand revolution was employed for this public-facing brand, for a modern and confident visual identity refresh. Shifting from a rigid corporate look and color palette, CentralNic Reseller focused on real-world networking, further enhanced by an online brand presence that was more personal, user-friendly and relatable.

West Coast LEAF

West Coast LEAF works to make transformative, structural change through law reform, legal advocacy and community engagement, for all women and people who experience gender-based discrimination.

eGlass / Hovercam / Pathway

Online education has become a necessity along with finding innovative ways to engage students virtually. eGLASS is a transparent whiteboard with a built-in camera, capturing both instructor and written notes in the same streaming video for classroom and online access. HOVERCAM document cameras project from tabletop to screen in real-time HD resolution and is already a best seller. Hovercam & eGlass are products by parent company, PATHWAY.

The IBD Centre of BC

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an unpreventable, complex, chronic, relapsing and often debilitating lifelong disease that does not yet have a cure. The IBD Centre of BC is committed to IBD care, education and research. The brand identity focuses on the i in IBD:
• In the middle is the I, the individual living with this life-changing disease. It is deeply personal with the goal to help patients turn stigma/danger/fear (!) upside down. (i)

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