The IBD Centre of BC

The IBD Centre of BC
  • Creative Direction: Su T Fitterman
  • Agency: Combo Creative

Thank you all so much for the hard work and attention to our cause. This afternoon was so productive and I am pleased that Brian and Greg were able to choose a logo right away. To me that shows that you fully understand what we need/want. You have done more than help us with our proposal and branding and I thank you for being our guides through this non-profit maze. We are so lucky to have your expertise and passion.
— Joan Stobbs, Executive Assistant

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an unpreventable, complex, chronic, relapsing and often debilitating lifelong disease that does not yet have a cure. The IBD Centre of BC is committed to IBD care, education and research. The brand identity focuses on the i in IBD:
• In the middle is the I, the individual living with this life-changing disease. It is deeply personal with the goal to help patients turn stigma/danger/fear (!) upside down. (i)
• the B is created from negative white space to represent the hidden aspect of the disease that no one talks about. Under the radar of public awareness, “One that causes stigma, fear and isolation. Many people with the condition go undiagnosed and suffer in silence....Don’t look sick, symptoms are hidden, struggle to hide disease people couldn’t see or experience themselves.”
• the D represents the envelopment of care and support the Centre provides

The initial launch uses a gradient to evoke positive change in BC.
An expanded color palette expresses the understanding that IBD care is uniquely different for each patient.