BC New Democratic Party

BC New Democratic Party
  • Founder & Director: Johnathon Strebly
  • Agency: The Notice Group
  • Brand applications created by and courtesy of BCNDP

The BCNDP is the provincial arm of The New Democratic Party in British Columbia. A brand refresh was initiated in preparation for a pivotal 2017 election year. Starting with a historical audit of the visual language for provincial, federal and competitor parties, common strengths and areas for forward momentum were highlighted and built upon. Every logo element was scrutinized and refined, from the smallest graphic detail, to typography and colour for every use of print and digital branding.

Distinctive, readable typefaces were selected alongside the development of a rudimentary graphic toolkit to assist their in-house teams who would be handling a range of materials from internal documents, brochures, signage and campaign promotionals, to social media banner ads and community engagement postings.