Emergent Properties

Emergent Properties
  • Website Design: Mika Senda
  • Javascript Development: Cam Cavers

My experience of working with you Nancy, I have nothing but good things to say! You were open and responsive to what was undoubtedly an unconventional approach on my part. You were instrumental in taking the wide-ranging and somewhat ephemeral objectives I articulated for the company. Through a comprehensive and thoroughly professional design process you arrived at a simple, elegant solution that has drawn strong positive comments from everyone I’ve shared it with. The understated, but powerfully effective visual presence you established has laid a strong foundation for a robust and resilient corporate identity going forward. I look forward to continuing these explorations with you for years to come!
— Maurice Ouellette, Managing Director

Emergent Properties creatively leads the design, development, ownership and management of large, mixed-use buildings. Building upon the philosophical approach of emergence, the theme of “Gestalt” (a form or shape, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) describes their unique process as it relates to Emergent, leading to innovative solutions. The letterforms are incomplete yet easily understood by mentally filling in the gaps, regardless of typographic orientation within the changing, modular logo. Cropped portions of royalty-free master paintings are used to convey the vital relationship between both the parts and the whole.

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