Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa
  • Creative Director: Rob Schlyecher
  • Agency: Spring Advertising

This voicemail was left on my phone just after the presentation: Hey Nance, It’s Rob Schlyecher! I would say this is a call filled with the word DELIGHTED. LOVE the work. Just so VERY PROUD to present your work. It was fantastic top to bottom. Just a perfectly done presentation. The calibre of the work was great. The ideas were fantastic. All the background work that went behind it was great. So the fact that I’m happy is okay, but the client is delighted too. And then showed it around the office a little bit, minds were blown so we’re all really happy. I just want to thank you very much. Just great work. Please drop whatever you are doing, and pat yourself on the back and then take a bow. And then scream to the skies, “I rock!" cause, You f***king rock Nancy. Thank you so much!
— Rob Schlyecher, Creative Director & Partner

Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa has been the favourite short trip getaway in the lower mainland area for many families and couples. With the same visual identity for over a decade, it was time to refresh the main brand & spa while keeping focus on their core audiences and main features: their unique hot springs, water recreation and relaxation.

I worked closely with the agency towards a vibrant and appropriate solution that would work across a multitude of formats (from digital banners to room keys and everything in between) while drawing out the best of what HHS has to offer. A thorough brand audit was executed followed by the development of 3 distinct themes: Escape to Nature (timeless, beautifully crafted, textural qualities), Resort-Retreat-Recreation (using the international hot spring cue of heat vapors as a graphic device) & Simple Pleasures (minimalist linear wave pattern). Concept 1 was approved by the client soon after the presentation, allowing the agency to initiate brand executions for print & web re-skin, while I developed the brand standards guide to provide synergy for both advertising & in-house production teams.

Logo refresh was primarily a typographic solution. Much exploration was required.
Escape to Nature - approved concept
Resort / Retreat / Recreation - alternate concept
Simple Pleasures - alternate concept