Public Transit - unpublished

Public Transit - unpublished
  • Clients: Lindsay Siu Photography & Pinter Creative
  • Photographer: Lindsay Siu
  • Retouching: Steve (Istvan) Pinter

Incredibly creative, fiercely competent, a wealth of experience, and a voracious student of all things design. Nancy Wu is my ideal collaborator. She is creative, enthusiastic, asks great questions, and listens. She offers up beautiful, well conceived solutions that are singular and unique. Nancy is super nice too. She is easy to get along with and a pleasure to work with. She is always the first person I call when I have a design problem.
— Steve (Istvan) Pinter, Creative Retoucher

“On a boozy afternoon at St Augustine’s Pub, Lindsay, Anya (Ellis, Hair & Makeup stylist), and Steve thought it would be fun to do a creative project that involved buses, interesting people, and storytelling. (Luckily somebody made a couple of notes on a cocktail napkin.) Shot using the same cast, these images are now part of an ongoing series depicting life on public transit during different time periods, reflecting the social norms of the time.”

On a wintry evening at St Augustine’s Pub, Lindsay and Steve thought it would be fun to invite Nancy to design a limited-run edition linking up these circa 1957 & 2017 period images. Historical transit ephemera, Vancouver photo archives, colour systems and typography from BC Hydro, BC Transit and TransLink's visual past were explored, with the modest bus transfer ticket inspiring the book cover’s visual look.