Enoki Solutions Inc.

Enoki Solutions Inc.
  • Printing & color edging: Clubcard.ca
  • Recognition: Giving Type Meaning (Bloomsbury, 2024)

It was a real pleasure to have Nancy design a unique and creative logo for my small business. Her professional yet easy going manner made my first collaboration with a designer a great success. She was supportive and understanding of my business needs throughout the process, while staying within the time and budget constraints.
— Brenda Lowe & Cliff Hammerschmidt, Consultants

Enoki is the company name for a pair of passionate foodies as well as technical professionals. How does one create a graphic mark that encompasses both sides of their work and personal lives? By exploring the attributes of what they do for their livelihoods, combined with the positive qualities of this particular fungi as its namesake. As enoki mushrooms are resilient, versatile and ever-changing in its forms, the logo visually brings forth feelings of solidity, earthiness and approachability wrapped up in a tidy circular symbol. Paired up with a clean minimalist typeface named Karla, the result is a delightful union of distinctively recognizable shapes that reflect clarity, ease and warmth.