Custom Lettering

Finning Traction

I was contacted to create a dual-language logotype expanding upon the custom lettering I designed for the original 2003 Finning wordmark. With more experience and knowledge of constructing letterforms, I was able to work within a very fast timeframe—4 days between first presentation of tight hand lettering drawings to vectorization of final digital files—delivering on schedule for Finning’s intranet site launch, named Traction.


Earls was known for fun casual dining experiences, with their share of California & animal-themed motifs. Styles change and so had their target market (urban singles, modern couples). This logo—in use for a decade—reflected that shift, revealing a simpler grown up attitude for the restaurant chain. The classic Earls typography was replaced with a proprietary wordmark, accompanied by a graphic illustration denoting the new offerings in the bar & drink area of their sleek renovated space.


Long recognized as the largest distributor of Caterpillar equipment in the world, Finning desired a strong brand identity to balance the powerful product brand of CAT while unifying the Finning brand under a new platform of delivering Solutions and Services. The revitalized logotype with custom letterforms was designed to convey progressive confidence in their leadership position. UK typographer Jeremy Tankard, was hired to review the letterforms for any further refinements, advising me with minor changes to the letters F and G to increase readability at smaller sizes.

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