Book Cover

Public Transit - unpublished

“On a boozy afternoon at St Augustine’s Pub, Lindsay, Anya (Ellis, Hair & Makeup stylist), and Steve thought it would be fun to do a creative project that involved buses, interesting people, and storytelling. (Luckily somebody made a couple of notes on a cocktail napkin.) Shot using the same cast, these images are now part of an ongoing series depicting life on public transit during different time periods, reflecting the social norms of the time.”

Royal Botanical Gardens

Following the 2019 brand refresh by creative agency Pendo, I was approached by BB&Co to design a special print piece for the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario. Celebrating their brand story, an enduring legacy in Canada, and highlights of their massive 25 year master plan, the time was right to create an elegant keepsake in tribute to their retiring CEO. Pragmatic design decisions led to a 9" x 12" format that would maximize impact within digital press limitations, while keeping paper waste to a minimum.

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