REVIEW: The Golden Secrets of Lettering

Busy times balance out with more relaxed times. It's been a fruitful year and I couldn't be more grateful to work on personally fulfilling projects with treasured creative partnerships, as shared on Instagram. It's also a time of great reading, learning, inspiration and creative explorations: online classes with Skillshare, web presentations from TypeEd, Typographics NYC & Type @ Cooper, DesignThinkers came to Vancouver, TypeBrigade meetups continue to raise the bar, and more outstanding design titles enter my Goodreads queue.

By Hand / Review: Outside the Box

I’ve learned over the years that being a freelance designer definitely has its ups and downs. The work—when it comes—is rewarding. I love collaborating with supportive clients and brilliant creatives, researching fresh points of view, exploring valuable ideas, and being appreciated for my contributions. Then there’s the dreaded stress (or relief?) of downtime when the frenzy of quick turnarounds, obsessing over details, and intense problem solving become a fond memory.

Review: Jessica Hische & David Downton

Books play a big role in my life, especially ones that inspire, induce jealousy or teach. Some designers refuse to look at ANY design books at all (fear of unintentionally ripping off work?—agreed, plagiarism is nobody's friend). My purpose is to be aware of certain trends, to give myself that badly needed kick in the pants when I see brilliant work, and simply because I never want to stop learning and doing new things. I thrive pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. So it's no surprise in grade school, when my teacher wrote in my report card: NANCY GETS BORED EASY. What the heck?

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