REVIEW: The Golden Secrets of Lettering

Busy times balance out with more relaxed times. It's been a fruitful year and I couldn't be more grateful to work on personally fulfilling projects with treasured creative partnerships, as shared on Instagram. It's also a time of great reading, learning, inspiration and creative explorations: online classes with Skillshare, web presentations from TypeEd, Typographics NYC & Type @ Cooper, DesignThinkers came to Vancouver, TypeBrigade meetups continue to raise the bar, and more outstanding design titles enter my Goodreads queue.

Review: Creating a Brand Identity

2016 is turning out to be a most interesting year to say the least. Many great projects, creative opportunities, and terrific people to work with. Some brilliant design/typography conferences to satisfy the soul, along with continued personal growth and learning. I've shared much of that on Instagram over the summer months. However, the year is winding down with so much change in the air as well days of grey rainy clouds. All the more of an excuse to tuck into some reading, update work on my website (what little can be shared until public launch) and catch up on overdue writing!

Typographics 2016 NYC & Lubalin Center

I love Typography. When I showed my portfolio around during my final year at design school, I was encouraged with these words, “Your work and attention to detail is great. Don’t forget about type. Poor typography can really take down good design ideas, so pay attention.” I’ve kept that close to mind since and up to this past year. I’ve had my nose down to the grindstone working hard, long hours, ensuring typographic choices were always considered from both style and historical perspectives, as well as accessible (readable, affordable, cross-platform and within all brand applications).

Review: Jessica Hische & David Downton

Books play a big role in my life, especially ones that inspire, induce jealousy or teach. Some designers refuse to look at ANY design books at all (fear of unintentionally ripping off work?—agreed, plagiarism is nobody's friend). My purpose is to be aware of certain trends, to give myself that badly needed kick in the pants when I see brilliant work, and simply because I never want to stop learning and doing new things. I thrive pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. So it's no surprise in grade school, when my teacher wrote in my report card: NANCY GETS BORED EASY. What the heck?

Human Logo

I woke up to exciting news that several of my logo designs have been selected for inclusion in the latest book from Counterprint, "Human Logo: Trademarks & Symbols"! It's quite an honor, as their design standards are high with plenty of international work up for review.

Human Logo is a collection of people-based logos categorised in sections such as bodies, hands, hearts, eyes and faces. The book contains over 300 logos from some of the world’s leading design companies such as; Wolff Olins, Pushpin Group, Hey, Chermayeff & Geismar, Berger & Föhr and many more.

No news is new news + Book Reviews!

Let me begin by apologizing for the long break in blog posts. My original intention was 1-2 articles each month, but new work took priority in the last while. Rest assured, I look forward to sharing some rewarding projects in detail as they’re launched: an L.A. client found via Instagram, a 176-year-old Ontario landmark in need of a fresh look, a passionate painter opening a vibrant show, and a sophisticated brand identity that goes back in time moving forward.

Monogram Logo

My personal logo has been selected for inclusion in the latest design book from Counterprint, "Monogram Logo: Monograms & Ciphers".

The book is a collection of categorized monograms and ciphers from around the world and contains 452 logos from some of the world's greatest design companies including Bruce Mau Design, Louise Fili, FITCH, BankerWessel, Stefan Kanchev and many more.


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