Review: New Perspectives in Typography

“New Perspectives in Typography” is a beautifully diverse and refreshingly current collection of the best typography-focused design from international design firms, foundries, publications and everything in between. The title pretty much captures the contents of the book compiled by A2/SW/HK’s Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel. (In addition, the cover design that wraps around the entire softcover book is just as beautifully considered, as are the contents within!) Starting with an in-depth historical review by typophile Paul Shaw, and followed by exploratory essays of the future of typography, artistic perspectives and communications (with Introduction by Rick Poynor), this book succeeds on so many levels. It is a broad collection of all sides of typography, from simple minimal brand design to experimental graphic interpretations. It is a pictorial documentation of how diverse typographic language and media can be expressed, and it is a selection of short bios & case studies from designers who happily break down convention and rebuild type communications. It is also encouraging evidence that typography—whether it be existing fonts or custom type—is growing vibrantly, ever-changing, accessible, and inspiring to all designers past, present and future. This book is a welcome addition to the usual typography textbooks and recommended reading from seasoned design educators. 5/5 STARS (*Note: the book IS full-color, I just happened to select images that were primarily B&W.)