Rejection / Right

A rejected logo doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad design. It may not be right for the intended client, business or time.

This was a concept for a project I was excited and proud to create in 2020. It was for a fitness community where sweat and fun is a big part of their environment. It’s a place where likeminded people connect, allowing for positive support so that different cycles in one’s workout journey can be developed & refined over time.

The diverse relationships, personal goals & fitness offerings steered my thinking towards a distinctive mark that can adapt to different areas of emphasis (hydration, nutrition, cardio, movement, strength & restoration) as well as a variety of personalities and applications. The idea of getting fit and feeling better together through a robust and flexible icon, allows for so many possibilities. Print, web & promotional items, large or small…a good logo works everywhere.

The craft of designing a unique logo is about creating a distinctive graphic symbol that truly reflects what the brand service, story or personality is to their target audience. A mark they can own and stand behind with integrity.

I originally posted this on my Linkedin and Instagram feeds in February 2021. 9 months later, I still love this logo and what I shared. So did many others on both platforms, opening up good dialogue and starting new conversations.

For the record, I’ve had 2 rejected logos live another day successfully. Both are on this website, both used by happy clients. This logo is unused...for now.