Coco et Olive

This specialty café on Vancouver's Main Street boasts a fine selection of imported foods, baked goods and freshly made sandwiches. Founded by food stylist Joanne Facchin, the identity reflects the high quality offerings with an air of Parisian elegance.

St. Mary's Kerrisdale

Serving the Kerrisdale community for over 100 years, St. Mary's celebrated their centennial in 2011 with a rebrand. Inspired by the beauty and contemplative qualities of the stained glass windows, the logo uses spire shapes from Anglican architecture to help draw worshippers heavenward. The transparent interlocking 'M' shape evokes visual cues for the Holy Trinity, the community of worshippers, and the figurehead for which their parish was named. Other creative directions explored are also included here.

Dr. Winnie Su

Dr. Winnie Su is a well-loved and respected physician specializing in family medicine and childbirth. The identity conveys the kind of audience she caters to—everyone from all ages and walks of life—and her attention to detailed personal care. The two-sided card design addresses the dual language market that she works in.

Sophia Financial Group

Sophia Financial Group is an experienced partnership advising mature women investors and their families with solid investment and financial planning solutions through professional networks and mentorship. Named after the goddess of wisdom, Sophia is also a feminine symbol for knowledge, support and integrity. The logomark represents future growth, the path of life, connections, leadership and the duality of this successful pairing.


Long recognized as the largest distributor of Caterpillar equipment in the world, Finning desired a strong brand identity to balance the powerful product brand of CAT while unifying the Finning brand under a new platform of delivering Solutions and Services. The revitalized logotype with custom letterforms was designed to convey progressive confidence in their leadership position. UK typographer Jeremy Tankard, was hired to review the letterforms for any further refinements, advising me with minor changes to the letters F and G to increase readability at smaller sizes.

Yaaway Media

Yaaway Media was an online video sharing social network based on the non-religious aspects of Jesus. The quote marks in the logomark emphasize an exchange of ideas and communication, and represent the 4 books of the Bible chronicling Jesus' life. The cross in the negative space implies the underlying focus of this dialogue, while the color progression suggests a journey from discovery to acceptance. I developed the brand identity further with various print applications, icons and a website reskin.

Salazar Awards

In honour of designer/instructor Enrique Salazar (a founder of the BC Chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada), this annual event recognizes up-and-coming design students. The poster features a medal—symbolizing individual effort & recognition—made up of Salazar's profile with text about "Nurturing Creativity", the 2009 theme. On the reverse side is a fun message inspired by his personal standards. Eventually the main graphic was adopted as a logo for subsequent Salazar Awards, of which I've been a guest judge in 2012 and 2014, as well as a winner in 1991.

North Shore Spirit Trail

The Spirit Trail is a waterfront-oriented, multi-use pathway connecting multiple communities together. Stretching from West to North Vancouver, this 35km greenway enables locals to bike, skate, run or walk throughout trails across the North Shore. The simple hand-drawn mark merges human traits with the distinctive lines of a North Shore landscape in a style that references the stone carvings of our Native ancestors.


EAB (Exchange-A-Blade) provides building trades with high quality power tool accessories at competitive prices. The graphic shape surrounding the logotype is inspired from the carbide tip found in EAB's best-selling saw blades while the angled shape conveys an active, forward momentum found in their powerful cutting and drill products. StaySharp—their non-exchangable blade product line—was given the same slanted treatment and graphic A in the logotype thus creating a connection between both brands and reinforcing the sense of sharpness in the letterforms.


Nextbus provides accurate, real-time arrival info at transit stops and online, allowing users to track vehicles on their phones or computers in order to save time, stay safe and plan schedules. The 2-arrowed logomark alludes to the speed and efficiency of the service, while making the technology involved behind the scenes virtually invisible to the user. An alternate logo proposal emphasized the "bus" side of the name, highlighting the traceable route from point A to B.


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