BC Tree Fruits

For over 25 years, BC Tree Fruits has been Western Canada’s leader in fresh produce distribution. A brand update resulted in a logo with refreshed typography and homespun graphic elements that celebrate their heritage, as shown in various conceptual applications.

Cree Leadership Consulting

Cree Leadership Consulting partners with organizations to build and develop strategic leadership, with the goal to improve leader and team performance from within, to collaborate towards a united front, and to gain insights preparing key staff for senior roles. The colored arrowheads of the logo represent diverse groups taking action, directing change within towards internal growth, and the surname of lead consultant, Tara Cree.

Paul Wu + Associates Chartered Accountants

Paul Wu + Associates is a respected accounting firm focusing on financial management, solution-oriented results and specialized service. The overall identity system invites a grounded approach to financial planning while maintaining high standards of professionalism. The logo reflects his thoughtful personality as a creative accountant using a percentage sign to symbolize vision and balanced thinking, punctuated with the confident smile of customer satisfaction.


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