Think/Make letterpress card

Think/Make letterpress card
  • Client: Spicers Canada
  • Letterpress printing: Blackstone Press
  • Paper: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 130lb & 150lb Ultra White
  • Lamination: Pacific Bindery Services

How lucky was I to work with the incredibly talented Nancy Wu! I have known Nancy for over 20 years and finally had the opportunity to work with her on a special corporate project for Spicers. With her expertise and passion for typography and design, I knew she would be the perfect fit. But it was her personable and thoughtful approach that really resonated with me. Nancy demands a very high level of perfection in all that she does and our project was no exception. Needless, to say, the finished product hit the mark with our customers. Such a talent! I would highly recommend her for any of your projects.
— Brenda Cofield, Business Development Consultant

This limited edition card (580 prints) was designed so each paper surface (laminated together prior to printing) was equally important and integrated conceptually to the letterpress print technique. It had to work hard to connect with an audience of designers and creative directors, while being broad enough for anyone to understand and appreciate. Incorporating creative credits and Spicers corporate brand colours, this would be used as a multi-purpose promotional piece across Canada.

Evolving from the original 2-step idea of THINK (process) to MAKE (execution), it became a piece that works in either direction and communicates no matter how it's viewed. The concept is that when people THINK (outward, lots of ideation), it leads to the desire to do or MAKE something (inward, thus the blind deboss). The created thing is experienced, encouraging viewers to THINK about what is before them, to get inspired or start a dialogue, and continue the creative cycle.

I handlettered 200+ words using a variety of drawing tools (india ink, old brushes, nibs, brush pens, fountain pens, markers, lettering brushes and ruling pens) in styles that was as diverse, unique and human as ideas and thoughts are. Each style or execution could represent a different way or personal THOUGHT, as much as the execution of MAKE is equally individual and distinctive. The word THINK was also chosen to tie-in with the Vancouver Design THINKers Conference (where the card debuted) and printing with INK, while variations like THUNK and MADE were also part of the executional mix.