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Rejection / Right

A rejected logo doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad design. It may not be right for the intended client, business or time.

This was a concept for a project I was excited and proud to create in 2020. It was for a fitness community where sweat and fun is a big part of their environment. It’s a place where likeminded people connect, allowing for positive support so that different cycles in one’s workout journey can be developed & refined over time.

Human Logo

I woke up to exciting news that several of my logo designs have been selected for inclusion in the latest book from Counterprint, "Human Logo: Trademarks & Symbols"! It's quite an honor, as their design standards are high with plenty of international work up for review.

Human Logo is a collection of people-based logos categorised in sections such as bodies, hands, hearts, eyes and faces. The book contains over 300 logos from some of the world’s leading design companies such as; Wolff Olins, Pushpin Group, Hey, Chermayeff & Geismar, Berger & Föhr and many more.

Monogram Logo

My personal logo has been selected for inclusion in the latest design book from Counterprint, "Monogram Logo: Monograms & Ciphers".

The book is a collection of categorized monograms and ciphers from around the world and contains 452 logos from some of the world's greatest design companies including Bruce Mau Design, Louise Fili, FITCH, BankerWessel, Stefan Kanchev and many more.

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