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REVIEW: The Golden Secrets of Lettering

Busy times balance out with more relaxed times. It's been a fruitful year and I couldn't be more grateful to work on personally fulfilling projects with treasured creative partnerships, as shared on Instagram. It's also a time of great reading, learning, inspiration and creative explorations: online classes with Skillshare, web presentations from TypeEd, Typographics NYC & Type @ Cooper, DesignThinkers came to Vancouver, TypeBrigade meetups continue to raise the bar, and more outstanding design titles enter my Goodreads queue.

Clients. Who needs them?

Clients. Some gripe about them and others have relationships closer than family. Sometimes, we ARE them.

Truth be told, designers need clients. We earn a living from them, we both teach each other and more often, we learn something new and do our best work in collaboration with them. Clients become friends and bring out the best in us, which is why I love and appreciate my clients. So how can I grow our relationship and help them to understand design better?

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