Review: Creating a Brand Identity

2016 is turning out to be a most interesting year to say the least. Many great projects, creative opportunities, and terrific people to work with. Some brilliant design/typography conferences to satisfy the soul, along with continued personal growth and learning. I've shared much of that on Instagram over the summer months. However, the year is winding down with so much change in the air as well days of grey rainy clouds. All the more of an excuse to tuck into some reading, update work on my website (what little can be shared until public launch) and catch up on overdue writing!


At the age of 8, I became a HUGE Abba fan. I saw them live in concert, and faithfully listened to every song on every album in chronological order, focussing on different details each time. Sometimes the vocals only, sometimes certain instruments. Each song detail was burned in my brain. It wasn’t until 1994 when I experienced another side of them with their first box set. It was the rare track called “Abba Undeleted,” a 23-minute medley of unreleased, incomplete and rough versions interspersed with studio chatter.

No news is new news + Book Reviews!

Let me begin by apologizing for the long break in blog posts. My original intention was 1-2 articles each month, but new work took priority in the last while. Rest assured, I look forward to sharing some rewarding projects in detail as they’re launched: an L.A. client found via Instagram, a 176-year-old Ontario landmark in need of a fresh look, a passionate painter opening a vibrant show, and a sophisticated brand identity that goes back in time moving forward.

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